Sunday, June 26, 2011

One Week and Counting

It's about a week since Deborah came home forever.  This week has flown by.  She is doing very well and adjusting great.  I think the most adjusting so far has been with Rita and Racheal.  They have thought of her as their older sister.  Someone who can take care of them and act older.

The roles have changed, at least for now. Rita and Racheal have been in America for 3 years.  They have grown up in this culture and fast pace part of the world.  Deborah has not, so there is a delay with knowing things about our culture.  She is learning and very eager to learn.  But, the twins are having a difficult time adjusting their thinking that they are ones who are "older".  They can get irritated with her but we are reminding them of what it was like when they came home.  All the things they had to learn and how we had patience and love for them to learn.  This is amazing opportunity for God to teach them this.  I love watching it!

Deborah just loves it here and is so excited to be a part of our family.  We laugh and hug a lot!  She is so playful and the boys love it.  She is a diamond and I am thrilled she is here.  She has lots of "first" this week like:  going down a water slide, play in a lazy river, eating pancakes, eating french toast, meeting family members, going up/down an escalator, listening to her IPod, having her own Barbies (she calls them her babies), closet with her own clothes.  It's fun to watch her do her "first".  As her mother, it's exciting to watch her grown and experience things.  This is one of the joys of being a mother!!

Deborah loves to swim!  We have an above ground pool for the summer and it's hard to get her out of it.  Food seems to be the magic trick.  She is definitely a fish!  Below are some pictures of her in the pool!

                                                                   Deborah and Kaiden

                                                                      Our little fish!

                                                                    Love those goggles!

                                                Deobrah is trying to be taller than Rita!  Ha-ha!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Deborah is HOME!

Well, after 9 months of going through the adoption process, Deborah is home!  We got home on Monday and have been adjusting ever since.  Right now, we are working on bonding within the family.  Deborah is very playful so the boys love that.  She teases them and then they tease her back.  Lots of giggling going on!

All 4 girls are also bonding in different ways. They sing and dance every chance they get.  I can tell the twins think of Deborah as their older sister yet she acts so much younger.  All in time, Deborah will mature and begin to trust everyone.  She definitely loves to eat!  I bet in a month she will gain a lot of weight.  She seems to eat every hour!  I don't know where she can put it but she does. 

We will be adjusting and it will take a while but I know our family is definitely ready for this challenge.  We keep God in the center of it, so he will guide us all.  Prayers are definitely welcomed!  :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

1 Day left

It is really hard for the twins when I leave for a long period of time.  I do feel this trip is a little better for them.  But there is still anxiety.  Rita tells me.....Mom, I am going to pray real hard you come back home.  Racheal told me today......Mom, I hope you don't die and God will let you come back home.  She also said, "You're the cutest mom I have ever had".  Too funny!!!!

Even though this is hard for them, it is going to be such a HUGE blessing to them (as well as to us).  Deborah will finally be home and reunited with her sisters AND new sister with new brothers!  The girls have talked about her since I met them for the first time in Ghana.  So it is really cool the way God has planned this for us all!  I am still in shock that God Blessed so much.  I do wonder why at times.  Not because I don't want a bigger family, but because I wonder why us???  We don't deserve this much blessing, but I am so thankful and appreciative that God trusts us enough to allow us to do this. 

Well, 1 more day and we are off to Ghana.  I am so excited but a little nervous!  Prayers for this trip are welcomed and definitely appreciated!  :)

God Bless!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Packing Has Begun!

I usually don't pack until the night before a trip.  I thought this trip I would do something different and try to pack early.  As of today, I have 2 suitcases packed full of donations.  It's great to take all the soccer jerseys, clothes and beanie babies to children over there.  I hope to do the things we are planning. 

I have one suitcase left to pack and that one is for Karleigh, Deborah and myself.  It it is full already but not packed.  I have written up lists upon lists.  I think my lists are making me more nervous and anxious for the trip.  Is it ok to forget something?  I think so, as long as it's not documents.  :) 

I told Karleigh we would totally pack on Thursday night.  Oh brother, is she is excited to pack.  This is making me nervous because a teenager packing can be a little scary.  :)

So we are a matter of days away from this trip and the nervous are setting in.  :)

Friday, June 3, 2011

We are Ghana Arrive!

Yes, everything is in place for us to arrive in Ghana on June 13.  We leave Phoenix on June 12 and with changing planes and long flights.  We will arrive in Ghana noon on June 13.  I  CAN NOT  WAIT! 

I am very excited to see and hug Deborah again.  I am excited for her to come HOME!  I am also thrilled for Karleigh to have this life experience of traveling to Ghana.  God is so amazing for allowing us to take Karleigh with us.  I truly believe this will not be her only trip to Ghana.  Anyone who travels to Ghana, leaves with a huge heart for that country.  This is going to be a start for amazing journey for her.  :)

Even though our plane tickets are paid for, we are still hoping for some donations to be able to serve in a very poverty stricken area of Ghana, Chorkor.  This is a place that really needs help.  Karleigh and I would love to visit and serve a meal to the children.  We are hoping to raise $200 for this.  The money will go towards traveling there and for the food.  If you feel lead to help out either financially or by praying, we would totally appreciate it.

We are counting the days to make a difference along with picking up our long awaited daughter, Deborah!


Monday, May 23, 2011

Deborah is Coming HOME!!!!

Today was a day to celebrate!  Deborah had her visa interview and everything went through.  I am beyond excited! 

Karleigh and I are planning on leaving June 12 and coming home on June 20.  The tickets are on hold so hopefully in the next day or two we will be able to pay for the tickets.  I can't imagine what Deborah is thinking now.  Her life is about to change in a way I know she has prayed for.  She has been praying to be reunited with her twin sisters and to be apart of a family for 3 years.  Every time I think about this journey, I get chills.  I just can't comprehend the journey God has taken us on.  This adoption was done completely in faith.  You know it is in God's plan when literally every door opens and you feel the nudge to go through it.  Unbelievable!Who knew we would be a family of 8???  Definitely not me!  :)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ghana Put those Puzzle Pieces Together!

This is so amazing with how so many people have supported Karleigh's trip to Ghana.  She has been getting so excited about this trip.  She has so many things she would like to do with the children.  We are going to try to get everything done.

We have some friends that have donated soccer jerseys.  We have boys and girls.  This will be so neat to watch Karleigh take this project on with passing them out to the children that are in the "neighborhoods". I know Deborah will totally get involved.  She is a sweetheart and loves to help out children.

So far Karleigh has 53 puzzle pieces put together.  This is AMAZING!

Here is a picture of her puzzle now.  It's growing!!!!  :)


Thank you to all the families that have donated so far!  On the right side, I have created a spot to highlight the families that have helped Karleigh so far.  I know these families aren't looking for recognition but it's nice to just let them know how appreciative we are for their donations.  :)